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Forever Protected Part 2
Drawing in a deep breath wasn't hard for gaara. But for Sakura, it was different. Gaara watched Sasuke's every move, from the door to the bed. Sakura lie still, holding her breath. Sasuke's blood red eyes pierced into sakura's fear striken eyes. "Hello Cherry Blossom." Sasuke mumbled darkly, "think you can seek protection from him!?" Sakura didn't dare move or close her eyes. "Your protection hwill soon die!" He yelled, holding his sharp katana high above her chest. The Katana came down, but was stopped by sand. The sand pulled the katana away from sasuke's deathly grip. Sasuke turned his head toward Gaara. He yelled with anger before laughing evily, "Puny Kazekage"  Gaara growled before putting the katana in his hand. "Does your katana cut through everything?" Gaara asked, anger showing in his soulless eyes. Sasuke's  sharingan eyes spinned, soon forming the shape of a windmill. "Doesn't that hurt? The Mangekyou? How long do you plan on using that?" Gaara asked cle
:icongaasaku-club:GaaSaku-Club 10 15
Forever Protected Part 1
No!" Sakura screamed, her headband falling to the ground. "I hate you" She said coldly to the figure in front of her. Blood ran down her face, down her arms and legs. Darkness was the only thing she could see, but not the only she felt. "I've always hated you," She whispered as the figure moved away. A large flow of chakra appeared in the room, followed by the chirping of thousand birds. The blue light of his chakra rushed towards Sakura's face. She closed her eyes. The blow never came, the sound gone, the light gone. It was quiet for a moment before his load scream filled the room. Something warm fell onto Sakura's brow. blood She thought before hearing another scream, her own. She heard the faint sound of running and a door opening. A different figure wrapped their arms around Sakura. "Calm down Sakura. He's not dead, just a broken leg. He's had worse" The voice said. Sakura opened her eyes. "Gaara...." She whispered, looking back at his icy blue stare. "Don't be afraid. Your forever
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For those who support GaaSaku!!!
United States
Current Residence: Hidden Villages
Favourite cartoon character: Gaara/Sakura
Well maybe not THE president, but the vice pres kinda died (^^;) so whoever wants to be the vice step on up!^^ Send a note saying why you want to be the new vice pres and if I pick you then I'll give you the pw to the club so you can come on and update anytime^^

We need art you guys, seriously.

I know, I know, I kinda died for a while....BUT THATS CAUSE MY COMP BROKED! D: And we really need a good vice-pres to give me a kick in the butt now and again -__-'

:spotlight-left:T H E  G A A S A K U   F A N C L U B:spotlight-right:

  First off I'd like to start off by saying WELCOME!!! Ahem... well obviously this is a club for anyone who supports the Gaara/Sakura pairing! So have fun and look around!

CLUB PRESIDENT:  :icontomatojoy:


Members:  :iconsch-g: :iconblack-machinery: :iconkaren-xan: :iconanimefairyofdarkness: :iconevaleon: :icongaarakillsyou: :icondevileyes123: :iconkakashi-room: :iconnight-blizzard: :iconferroxcat: :iconcrazyfish101: :iconkogun: :icongalsgirl: :iconfruitsbasket89: :iconereptor: :iconemo-tasja: :iconzet206: :iconyukiryon: :iconfireheart987: :iconb4r: :iconmidnightgates: :iconkazoma: :iconsazysapphire: :iconjollypop: :iconbutterflyshinobi: :iconkunoichigirl: :iconelle30: :iconladyskyfire: :iconsadisticblackrose: :iconmitsuki-kunoichi: :iconxanawhitedragon: :iconneolater-co-nr: :iconmomomodified: :iconryoko-and-yami: :icongaararocsfan0000001: :iconpyr0mancer: :iconred-sakura: :iconitachirulesakatsuki: :icontaouistaouisse: :iconangelsoulspirit: :iconzelha: :iconreekunai: :icondesertreaper: :iconarafaxdeep20: :iconlil-emo-princess: :iconcrowlover13: :iconi-luv-naruto-boyz: :iconelvi-92: :iconkayakuchan: :iconbrokenoxoxolove: :iconninetailfox23: :icondeideifan: :iconshysakuraflower: :iconfutiafox: :iconsithnichole: :iconmisaru000: :iconarafaxdeep20: :iconbrokenoxoxolove: :iconpamellka: :iconemisa: :iconkunoichisakuraharuno: :iconmimibabii: :icondemyx321: :iconsakura-ness: :iconqueenofcats81: :iconnaiomi-hyuuga: :iconamy161: :icongenevievebautista13: :iconthessye: :iconwitchpiress7: :iconmarsh534: :iconxmissxmiseryx: :icongaasakurulez: :iconretarded-otaku: :iconmuffin-of-joy: :iconblood-red-sakura: :icondeath-haari1:

Affiliates:  :iconsakurafc: :icongaasakuowenz: :icongaarafangirlsquad: :iconwe-love-gaara-club: :iconsakunaru: :iconnejisaku-fanclub: :iconnarukoclub: :iconslugtamer: :icongaara-fangirls: :iconanti-sasosaku-club: :iconputitachiinthecloset: :iconkazekage-circle: :iconsunagakure-club: :iconhidekixchii-club: :iconorihimefanclub: :iconorange-blossom-club: :iconnaruto-fansarena: :iconsasuke-x-naruto-club: :iconsasunaru-otakus: :iconsasuke-x-sakura-club: :iconhatematsurifc: :icongaara-x-sakura: :iconitachixsakuraclub: :iconsasunarusasu-club: :iconclub-kgt:

:bulletred:  No flaming/cursing off any other members
:bulletred:  No stealing artwork from others and claiming it as your own
:bulletred:  Be polite and courtious to everyone at all times

:bulletblue:  Send a note titled 'art' to the club
:bulletblue:  Have a link to your deviation included in the note

:bulletpurple:  Send a note titled 'join' or somthing else if you wanna be creative
:bulletpurple:  Watch the club
:bulletpurple:  Put the club icon in your journal
It should come out looking like this: :icongaasaku-club:
To get that put :*iconGaaSaku-Club*: just take away the *'s to get the icon to appear

:bulletgreen:  Send a note to us titled 'affiliate'
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  • Reading: GaaSaku Fanfiction
  • Watching: GaaSaku.....that sounds wrong XD
  • Playing: GaaSaku rp
  • Eating: Ramen
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KPOP-MetalChik Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
May I join?? :3
MiaDiAngels Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Hey guys!!! May I joy the group, please? I love GaaSaku it's pretty cute.
KPOP-MetalChik Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

check out their blog, it's all GaaSaku and need more supporters since most GaaSaku fan pages are dying :'(


sakurita123cami Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Student
Can I join the club please? I think Gaasaku is the best couple ever! (and not gaamatsu, insane ppl who on earth could think Gaara likes that ugly, useless fangirl, if you diidnt realized I'm on the anti-matsuri FC and I soo want to join this one!)
KPOP-MetalChik Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
SoulWithOutASoulmate Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I want to join.
ravenparty123 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
cheak out my drawing there awsome!!!!!!!!
ravenparty123 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
plz i want to join and be vice president i want to be one really bad i love gaasaku there the greatest couple ever to be make i mean gaara
needs love and sakura has lots a love to give there perfect i love them:clap:
gaara and sakura::date::hug::whisper:
candyflow Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
i would love join this club i think they are so cute together;p ^^; :p p;
NONUH Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
:iconmilchfisch::iconnonuh: <33 :>>>
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